Pipes to cater to all the different application and usageFull range of uPVC Pipe FittingsWe kept varieties of thermoplastic valvesWe carry sizes from ½"up to 12"We even carried PVC Rod, Angle, PVC Bolt & Nuts and PVC Welding


Full range of PVC Pipe Fittings, either Local with or without Sirim QAS Certificate and imported type from Japan, Taiwan, USA and Canada with ISO and NSF certificate was kept in bulk from size range 10mm up to 400mm. All this fittings divided into pressure and non-pressure type and co-related to classes of pipes used. This makes joining and installation easy job and maintenance convenient. Fittings also come with different standard i.e. ANSI, DIN, BS, JIS or SCH to comply with all the different category of pipes available in our local market.

Few examples listed below:

Elbow 90 or 45 and Long Bend 90 or 45 for bending area.

Tee & Reducing Tee for branching of equal size or reduce diameter pipe.
Socket & Reducing Socket for straight joint or reduce diameter of two plain ended pipes.

Union ideal low cost coupling that easily adaptable to any type of connection also use in any general piping applications, metal or plastic pipe. Both socket & thread join available.

Flanges to joint plain ended pipe to flanged pipe [even of other type material], flanged valves, flanged fittings for easy dismantle and maintaining purpose.

  • End Cap act as stopping or ending of pipeline.
  • Male Adaptor (Valve Socket) & Female Adaptor (Faucet Socket) used for connecting plain-ended pipe to area with internal or external thread.
  • Upon request from customer we could even made to order special fittings by fabrication and welding.

    * For more detail information, please email us.

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