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Due to the increase demand and more complicated usage of plastic piping in industrial line and investors overseas bringing over their more advance technology and experience from USA, Europe, Taiwan & Japan, we introduce one more family product of thermoplastic that is PVC1 & CPVC pipe and fittings to lessen corrosion or contamination problems.

This environmental friendly material most suitably use for - chilled water distribution, industrial plating, de-ionized water lines and potable water service. PVC1 Sch 80 pipe and fittings that conforms to ASTM D-1785, Type 1 (normal impact) and Grade 1 (high chemical resistance) have approval from NSF (National Sanitation Foundation).

We carry sizes from "up to 12". These pipes can withstand much higher working pressure up to 200-psi max. As to PVC materials it's particularly useful for handling corrosive fluid at temperatures up to 210 F. It has physical properties and corrosion resistance similar to, but generally better than PVC or PVC1. It is important to select the correct materials by checking the specific chemical used, surrounding atmosphere, maximum use temperature, working pressure, the overall length of the piping line, etc.

Our suggestion to customer has always been to use the least costly material that will do the job.

45° ELL
90° ELL


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