Pipes to cater to all the different application and usageFull range of uPVC Pipe FittingsWe kept varieties of thermoplastic valvesWe carry sizes from ½"up to 12"We even carried PVC Rod, Angle, PVC Bolt & Nuts and PVC Welding


Plastic plates or sheets made of rigid polyvinyl chloride suitable for wide variety of industrial and general uses was also carried by us from thickness range of 1.5mm up to 30mm imported from Japan or Taiwan.

PVC Bolt & Nuts


AV adhesive No.32 (Blue can) &
No.62 (Yellow can)

Solvent Cement or Adhesive

This thermoplastic plate is non-corrosive, chemical resistant, impervious to water and has excellent electrical insulation properties therefore its extensively use in chemical industry, synthetic fiber, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, electroplating industry and laboratory for ducts, chemical fans, water purifying systems, ventilators, chemical treatment vessels and many other equipments.

We even carried PVC Rod, Angle, PVC Bolt & Nuts and PVC Welding Rod for all the multi-purpose usage of thermoplastic. Machine like Zenya Plate Heater suitable for forming/ bending vinyl chloride material, especially where "L" and "E" shapes are needed and Zenya Welding Machine as to the name is used for welding purpose was stock for fabrication of PVC Tank either round or rectangular.

Solvent Cement or Adhesive is the most common medium use for joining PVC Pipe Line. Its very important that good and reliable quality of solvent cement are use to avoid all hassle of leaking problem to piping system. We indent a few reliable and popular brand of solvent cement for example

ASAHI - Japan,

Tangit - Germany and IPS Weld- On - 717 USA for customer free choosing which brand they are more comfortable with. Different formulated Solvent Cement applied to different material of piping used i.e. CPVC or PVC1 or PVC.


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