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The attractiveness of using PVC pipes is, it is light and easy to transport and install. It is designed to be joined by various methods, including solvent cemented, threaded, flanged or PVC welding. The chemical resistance charts shown that PVC Pipes can withstand a big range of corrosive chemicals use in the market therefore make it exceptionally suitable for wide range of industrial and housing application. The reliability to transport liquid, water and gas made this product extensively used in chemical industry, water supply, building (rainwater drainage, water supply and sewerage) and interior ventilation. Our company carried different classes and standard of PVC Pipes to cater to all the different application and usage.

PVC Pipes
SWV Pipes

For example

  • BS 3505/ MS 628 PVC Pipe class B, C, D, E & 7 compliance to Malaysian Sirim QAS Standard suitable for Cold Water & General Applications available from size 15mm to 300mm

  • BS 3506/ MS 762 PVC Pipe class O for industrial and non-pressure applications.

  • JIS K 6741 class AW (Class VP) (Japanese Industrial Standard) pressure pipe available from size 10mm - 300mm.

  • JIS 6741 class AE "O", Low Pressure & Non-pressure Pipe available from size 200 - 600 mm.

  • BS 4514 & 5255 - White Colour & BS 4660 & 5481 Brown colour suitable for plumbing, sanitary and waste disposal available size 32mm - 300mm.

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